PLEASE HELP ME! Spend $100 on fb ad and instagram BUT NO Sale!

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I am just a student and I am trying hard to earn some money beside my job for my college tuition fee. I spend last 2 month learning about shopify and dropshipping and finally creating my own shop. I advertised some of my products on instagram(influencers), fb page(fb ad). I even tried google adwards but I haven't received a single order after all the effort I put in.

I ask all of you who have some experinces to guide me a little bit, if there is anything I can fix or ...

Here is link to my store:

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Maybe I should have been more clear in my initial post. My main question was if anyone had any advice on how to increase sells. I have marketed my product through Amazon, Facebook, and other social media platforms, gaining some traffic but still no sale. I'm interested in hearing other sellers tips on what they do or did to market their first product successfully. And what marketing approach works best for new sellers.

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Hi Narges,

I'm going to be really mean here, but please understand it's for your own sake so you're able to make some money on the side and achieve your dreams.

Your site looks really, really bad, and I definitely think you need to change your brand name. Your logo screams of low quality. 

I also think you need to choose your niche a bit more carefully.

On the front page there's two people wearing fashion implying that's what you're going to be selling yet you're also selling an USB charging backpack?

I don't think there's too many businesses able to sell both fashion and USB charging backpacks.

You need to define your audience a bit more, mate.

Also, you need to work on your English. You can't sell products to people in the U.S. if your about page has spelling errors on it. I'm sure you understand.

If you're not able to write good, selling texts in English just yet - look into hiring somebody on Upwork to do it for you!

Hope this helps you in your journey and good luck with reaching your dream!

- Captain Tracking

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I am from USA and can help you out there, 

Feel free to text me on 315-325-1417 or reach on 

Even if you dont take my service, feel free to talk :)