POS check-out - customers can’t see a thing!?!?!

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Hi all,

I’m looking for workarounds that work with the Shopify POS for our retail shop:

1- customers cannot follow along during checkout. Because of COVID, we check them out behind plexiglass, they can’t see the iPad screen as it is facing me as I scan items. I can’t stand next to them nor would I in normal times either as we are a retail shop with a normal check out counter. Is there any way to get a monitor or screen to project onto that I can place in a customer facing fashion? 

2- I’m not sure why they didn’t put the pin code entry on the tap and chip card reader.  Customers do not want to put their PIN on my iPad. Do I need to just get a terminal from my bank instead and somehow figure out how to connect it? 

3- Another inconvenience is that the bar code scanner doesn’t work with the Shopify App only the Shopify POS app. I can’t use the camera on the iPad because it is locked into the swivel stand at the cash. It’s unfortunate the scanner doesn’t connect somehow to a laptop. Am I missing something?

Overall, I’m super happy with the system but it just doesn’t work in a bricks and mortar store if the customer can’t see items being scanned along with price. I’m hoping there is a way to resolve that problem by projecting onto some type of monitor at check out. Thanks in advance.