POS system and how it works

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I have some questions about the POS part before setting 2 staff people up on it.

First of all, I have 2 jack swipes for their cell phones.

In order for this to work, do I need to give them permissions for all 13 items?  As they are not familiar with Shopify I want to start them out slow with just the basics.

I want to set them up only for Home, Orders, Products, Customers and Dashboard.


If I am able to confine them to these 5 areas, will their jackswipes work? Do I need to download anything else other than have them download the shopify app onto their phone?


Also, when they are selling at markets or a pop up, even out in the community, will shipping charges come up or does the program recognize that they are in the local area or taking sales from the public?  I don't want shipping costs to apply in these situations.


If you could let me know it would be greatly appreciated so that I can get this set up and they can go and sell.