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Hi anyone got any ideas. I own a PPE and Workwear business selling to the public, councils and hospitals and Shopify decided to remove a couple of products.
These are not over inflated on prices and are approved by the hospitals who buy them from us. We have been selling these products for 30 years and unfortunately I use shopify for my website and till system too. Ideal if they decide to tell you what you can and can’t sell. I have responded to their email but they haven’t answers my response. We are authorised by Amazon and eBay to sell Covid support products and we are also on the Cabinet office PPE support team. Pretty annoyed about this as we have had to generate new Sku products that now do not sync to our stock lines. This makes me feel like my company is being accused as a scammer or profiteer. what concerns me more is now loading more of our products to the website as we need to do so for the new POS shopify till. My sales team will probably have to put products through as miscellaneous items so we don’t upset shopify and they decide to close my webshop.