Page Descriptions kicked out? URLs not indexed?

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I have been optimizing my website since last month.

I was making good progress.

Then my rankings fell off a cliff.

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 12.20.08 PM.png

All my Page Titles and Page Descriptions disappeared.

I thought it corresponded with an install of Avada SEO, so I deleted/deactivated it. I have not deactivated Avada Email Marketing app.

My sitemap is up to date, says Google -- but a tool like Screaming Frog isn't seeing the URLs in question.


I have two URLs with the same product, for example:

(this one, labeled canonical)

(this one, labeled canonical to the first)

Google is not indexing the second. Should I redirect? Should I unpublish?



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Why do you want duplicate pages indexed? The existing setup is kinda alright.

I'm not convinced the drop in ?SEMrush? "visibility" from the screenshot provided is (A) indicative of reality or (B) caused by the SEO app or the canonical configuration issues you've pointed out. Needs more thorough investigation to attempt to find a cause (if any).

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