Partially Fulfill at POS - is this possible?

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I want to partially fulfill items at POS so that I can know which items I have sent and which are on Back Order. Is this possible?


We sell school uniform and sometimes some items are out of stock and so on back order. The problem is that when a customer buys, say 15 items, and 3 are out of stock -  whilst we can mark the Order as Unfulfilled (using the Shopify POS), we often have to make a writtten note to say WHICH items are Out of Stock. What I would like to do at POS is quickly tick or mark the tems that are out of stock and then mark the rest of the Order as as Fulfilled. Is there a way this can be done??


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We'd love an answer to this too. We're in a similar position to the person above which makes for very manual procedures.