PayPal Express Checkout button not visible on Checkout Page > Information section

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I have almost set up my website and added PayPal express checkout too as my payment option. I only have an Indian PayPal business account so I can't preview the express checkout button when I enter into the payment gateway cause Paypal deactivated the express checkout button for Indian citizens.

Nevertheless, I'll be selling my merchandise to US citizens so I'm requesting you to please use a US PayPal account and let me know if you can preview the express checkout button. Even a screenshot of my page at the payment gateway confirming that you can see the express checkout button is fine for me.

My store.png

As you can see from the screenshot above I can't see the express checkout button as I don't have a US PayPal account. 

Anyone with a US PayPal account please confirm if you can see the button as shown below.



This is my Website Link 

Thanks for your support.