Paying Products with Loyalty Points

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Hi Community,

we want to give our Customers the Possability to buy our Products with Loyalty Points that they earn buy purchasing Products with Money for example. In the best case we will be integrate that as a select option at the product deteail site.

I actually found a way to realize that by using "Swell", but to use the purchasing option the way we want to, we have to use ShopifyPlus.(to explain

Did anyoneknows a similar way ro integrate a Loyalty Point System to Shopify were we can integrate an purchasing option where ever we want to?

At least I found a Shop as reference wich we want it to look like for example:


I hope I could explain myself. Let me know if I can explain something specific more and thank you for yor help.




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I've used Growave for rewards points in the past and I really like the responsiveness of their customer support. 


Once the customer has accumulated points in the system, they can then redeem them for gift cards to be used toward the purchase of products. 


Good luck!

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App Selly has loyalty program and customers can exchange points for a product:

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Hi there,

thank you for for your reply @SarahAtCarro and @Risa 

I thought Growave will not a solution for us because the API acces is only in the Enterprise plan and that plan dosent hav a price standing there.

But I will test out Selly and show about if it is comfortable for us.


If anybody else had a hint about an Loyalty Point Sytem with API Access that will be payable by a Startup I'll be glad to here it.

Have a nice day