Payment Providers for countries without Stripe (Currently using Paypal Express Checkout)

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Hi, I just started my store yesterday and am only using Paypal Express Checkout as the main payment method. I live in South Korea, where Stripe is not supported. I have the option of using Paypal Express Checkout, 2checkout, Asiabill,  and Sezzle.


Currently, I am experiencing more than 70% of "initiated checkout" customers not converting. It could possibly be due to other reasons, but since some of them contacted via email asking for other option for payment, I want to add another payment method.


I went through 2checkout approval process, but they declined since my product, beauty-and-health-related, goes against their legally accepted product list. I am mostly focusing on the health products so 2checkout could be an option later for some kind of a smartphone case store, but not for the store I run currently.


I googled some of the other methods, such as adding Paymentwall as an "Alternative payments", but they have horrible reviews on TrustPilot. And they have crazy fees of 3.9% + $.30 per transaction. And Asiabill does not even have the proper English page.


So my question is, what could be the best choice for the store that has the following problems?

  • Only has Paypal Express Checkout
  • Doesn't have Stripe as an option
  • Sells product not allowed on  2checkout (beauty/health product claiming to treat/improve conditions)

Has anyone used alternative payment methods like Paymentwall before?


Thank you!

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Have you figured anything out? 


I am currently looking at all options for my store and operating out of Korea as well but Paymentwall seems to have a monthly fee of $100 and on top 3.9% transaction fee. I am not sure if Shopify charges 2% on top as well but there has to be a better option. I am still surprsied there is no stripe in Korea or Shopify has made the effort of providing better payment options to Korea 


Let me know how you worked around this situation, would love to connect.