Payment for Orders through POS?

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I'm trying to come up with a way to have Shopify integrate with the needs of our service and repairs department in our store.


Our needs for this are the ability to:

- create a ticket for the received service item

- enter important details about the service item, and the reason for servicing

- associate a customer with the ticket

- distinguish between guitar service and audio equipment repair tickets

- take a service deposit on receipt of the item through POS

- print a sheet with service details and some custom information for the customer to sign/take a copy of

- track payment and fulfillment status for the service

- record timestamped updates relating to the service of the item

- upon completion of service, enter total cost of labour, parts, and see paid/outstanding values

- take payment for/refund outstanding value through POS


I've actually found that some creative usage of the Orders function in Shopify, plus an edit orders app meets the majority of these requirements quite well. My primary issues are my inability to directly take payment for these orders through the POS system, and ideally, we would be able to create a custom format for the relevant details to be printed out.


Would anyone be able to suggest any apps or methods to make these things possible? Or alternatively, an app that would meet all of these needs? I should specify that I'm not looking for an online customer interface, but an interface for an employee to utilize through the Shopify Admin or POS.