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Is it possible for Indian to engage in shopify business for selling products to USA,AUSTRALIA, CANADA etc. ?

I am in trial period in shopify , but unable to configure  payment gateway .Shopify payment gateway, Paypal USA gateway not accessible.

I want to sell products online to USA,CANADA, AUSTRALIA  etc. From India through shopify platform. Product source from oberlo and Ali express. 

I am eager to know as soon as possible. 

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Hi there, Ashis!  

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

Absolutely, it's possible!  The gateway that you use to accept payment from your customers is based on your location, rather than where your customers are - so you'll want to make sure that your location is accurately set to India within your admin at Settings > General to prevent any errors.  Shopify Payments isn't currently available in India, I'm sorry to say, but there shouldn't be any issue using Paypal Express from your area - if you're encountering errors getting that set up, I'd encourage you to reach out to one of us support Gurus directly, or contact Paypal support at 1-888-215-5506.  

In addition to Paypal, we have a list of third party gateways that integrate with Shopify - you can check out the list right over here!  As these are third party services, you'll need to reach out to them directly to set up an account; once done, you can then select the gateway in your admin at Settings > Payments, enter the credentials that you've received from that gateway, and you'll be all set!

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Alex | Shopify Guru

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Hi Ashis, 

Shopify India has partnered with 15+ third-party gateways. 

Selling abroad: 

Since you want to sell online outside India, it is vital that your Shopify payment gateway supports payments via international cards and other popular international modes such as Paypal.

3 points you should consider

1) International currencies supported-

Customers outside India will prefer to pay in their local currency to avoid the additional fee on currency conversion. Do check if your international payment gateway supports multiple foreign currencies. 

2) International cards- 

A payment gateway can support international cards only if the banks have appropriate tie-ups with international cards companies and issuing banks. 

3) Paypal Shopify Integration

Paypal is the most trusted and preferred choice of payments for consumers worldwide.

In addition to supporting all payment options like credit cards and direct debit from bank account, Paypal also offers buyer protection. Thus offering Paypal as a checkout option can greatly increase your conversion rate.

Cashfree is one of Shopify's Official payment gateway that supports international mode of payments like international cards and PayPal. Cashfree also supports 28+ foreign currencies to help your customer see the product pricing in their home currency.

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Hello Ashis,

To answer your first question, it is absolutely possible to engage in Shopify business for selling products to USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA etc. from India by an Indian.


I understand that you are facing trouble in configuring a payment gateway to your Shopify business with Paypal and seem to be losing out on the potential 15-day trial by Shopify. With this being said, you also seem to be missing out on the various third-party payment partner Shopify has partnered with. One of them being Atom Technologies.  


One of the oldest players in the Indian market, with Atom Technologies now you can accept both international and domestic payments in a jiffy! Have more questions in mind, get in touch with an Atom executive now!


Atom’s dedicated SDK kit for Shopify will enable your payment gateway integration process happen faster and seamlessly!

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Hi @megha_vijay ,

As you said, I tried setting up a CashFree account. An agent called me and said international dropshipping is not possible with CashFree. Can you please suggest any other payment processor?