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I created my store about a month ago and I put my credit card info in to receive my money from the orders now it changed to a different card how do I change it my my original card number it won’t let me change it 

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Hi @Babygieminks99,

Credit card details are your billing information on Shopify. As we may know, these are very important and sensitive, so important that you had better keep it secured carefully enough. 

In case there are some changes with your credit card details, you have to make sure that you would update those on Shopify. In this article, we will find out how to change your credit card details on the Shopify platform.

Read our guide on how to change your credit card details on Shopify. Maybe it can help you!

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Hey, @Babygieminks99

Happy to help get this cleared up! The credit card or Paypal account you added to your Shopify store to pay for the monthly subscription would be separate from where the funds from your orders are sent. In most cases, funds can not be sent to a credit card and would require depositing the funds into either your bank account or a virtual account which depends on the payment processor you're using. If you navigate to Settings/Payment Providers you will see what options you have enabled. If you're using Shopify Payments then you can click "manage" to update the billing information for where we deposit your funds. If you're using a third-party payment provider, then you will need to login to their services to update your information. Billing information for your Shopify subscription and other Shopify related charges can be updated in Settings/Billing. 

If that doesn't answer your question, or if you have any other questions, let me know!

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