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I want to pause my store, but I'm concerned about the payout hold. What will happen to my payout which is on hold, they have requested documents that I can't submit before 3-4 weeks due to personal reason. However, I have got 1 order in which I have fulfilled it and shipped but the problem is that if I pause my store what will happen to my payment, will that be On hold as well and after a month when I'll come back and upload the documents then I can receive my payout.

or will they pay me without the documents or will they refund?


Secondly, what will happen to apps subscription, I have 20 days left on a few apps If i unpause after the month will they also unpause or I have to pay them again for the new session.

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Hey, @Yaseenanwar

Excellent question! If the account is on hold, and you choose to pause your store, the hold will remain until you choose to reactivate your store. The funds will not be released until you have submitted your documents, so uploading your documents as soon as possible would be the best step to take in order to get the funds for your order. However; there will come a time where the order will be automatically refunded, and cancelled should your documents not be provided. While there is no specific timeline for this, it is a possibility down the road. I can say that it is very unlikely that the order would be cancelled and refunded in the timeframe you've provided (3-4 weeks). 

As for apps, the subscription will depend on what pause plan you select. If you select the "Pause and Build" plan for $9/month, then apps will be charged as if you were on the "Basic" plan or higher. If you select the "Full Pause" plan then any pending app charges will be charged before moving to the full pause plan. From there, all apps charges will be paused until either you manually reactivate your store before three months, or the store is automatically reactivated after three months. If the store is paused for the full three months, then the account will automatically be transferred to the "Pause and Build" plan. Your payment method on file will be charged the monthly subscription, along with any app charges. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify
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