People who create Shopify stores: Where do I stand?

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So I've been creating a Shopify store for a client.  It's been a massive learning process and I find I'm stumbling around in the dark until I hit something and then I have a new question that needs to be answered.  I started out with a free theme and found I had very few choices in designing so I bought the Turbo theme, which is awesome.  My site is almost complete, design-wise, but now I have to sit down with the client and figure out how the financials work today.  I became a Shopify Partner, so this site is in development.  I'm still not sure if I needed to become a Partner, but it looked like I could work on the site without having to pay a subscription before it's done, so I did it.  That's my background.  I know a little HTML and CSS, btw.

So, this brings me to my topic of the types of people who create Shopify stores.  It seems there are newbies who don't know much about web coding and simply use a free Shopify template to get up a selling.  Then, there are people like myself who need more customization, will buy a premium template and maybe alter or add some CSS or lightly get into the Liquid code to alter something.  Then there are Developers, I guess would be the name, who create apps and custom themes, who might not even run a Shopify store.  

Would I be correct in all of this?  I'm still trying to understand my place within the Shopify world and how it all works.  I feel there a lot I'm missing.  I've created some WordPress sites and that's been a blast because I seem to understand that world better.  Can anyone point me to a video that explains all of this?  It seems the more I know, the more questions I have, plus if I can monetize this somehow, that would be great too as a side hustle.