Persistent Shopping Cart needed so Cart content is stored in Customers Shopify Account

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We are starting to build a new shopping cart under Shopify.  With our existing X-Cart site, a customer can add items to their shopping cart and the items will remain in their cart indefinitely, IF they have created an account and are logged in.  Additionally, they can switch computers and still have their cart contents available when they log back in to their account.  This "persistent cart" capability does not appear to be available as a standard feature of Shopify.  For example, I created a customer account and then added test items to my shopping cart.  I then logged out and back in using a different computer, but my cart was empty.  I searched Shopify Apps and only found one called Persistent Cart that appears to provide the feature we need.  Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available any more.  There is a note on the respective App Page that states "This app is unpublished and unsupported. It cannot be installed."

Any idea on how we can obtain this type of feature?

Thanks in advance!


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Doug,

While I can't speak to why Persistent Cart is no longer available on the app store, I can tell you that it no longer can be installed into any Shopify store.

You're correct, though - our abandoned cart capabilities are faciltated through cookies on the user's browser. It's not attached to the customer account.

At this point in time, you could probably work with a Development Expert on developing a custom solution for you:

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Wow. Can't believe this isn't a standard feature.

This is a basic function of shopping carts and user logins.

How is this missing?

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A few weeks ago, we asked the Shopify Apps team why the original Persistent cart was missing, and they weren't sure. However, they encouraged us to make a new one, so we did: Check it out, and feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions.

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The part that concerns me is what happens if the user is already logged in on multiple devices. e.g. on amazon i stay logged in on my computer all the time, and on my phone also. if I add stuff to my cart and then go over to the desktop, it should only take a refresh of the screen ideally to automatically import the modifications i made. in your app and seemingly all other apps, the user has to actually proceed from being logged OUT, to logging IN, in order to trigger an update. Since most people don't like having to constantly re-log-in and let the browser remember their logged in state etc, particularly if trust is developed, it should function whereby a simple browser refresh checks whether the cart was importer from the other device or not. Otherwise you're likely to go to your desktop computer after adding items on a phone, already logged in, and find that there IS NOT any suggestion of additional items that need to be imported from the other device. And that's not really normal, and its annoying.

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@Paul_West @Don9 @Doug_Amidon 

Hello everyone.

Did you guys find a solution to the persistent cart issues. 

It's crazy that this isn't part of standard Shopify functionality. 

Have you guys developed your own and can recommend a developer?

Really need a persistent cart so that customers can save cart items in their accounts across multiple devices (just like Amazon and a million other websites)

Any advice and help is appreciated.

Thank you