Personalised greetings cards (double-sided)

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Hi All,

I'm new to Shopify and on a time-limited trial so keen to make quick progress.

What I'm looking to do is have a range of products for sale and at the checkout point allow the customer to create 1 personalised greetings card as follows:

  • Select an image from a pre-existing library or upload their own. This would fill the full area of the card.
  • On the reverse add a personalised message that allows for a range of fonts or colours.

This would a live-preview at check-out to see how it looks.

What I'd like to know is there an app out there that already does this (not found one yet), or does it require custom code? Is there a demo Shopify site to view (or live site) so I could see how it works.

Thanks for any help you can give as I'm hoping to get moving on this.