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Hello. I have some questions about the photo shooting for the items.

It is my first time to use this forum, plus English is not my first language so apologies beforehand if anything seems out of line.


So, i am currently building a store for fitness outfits (tops and leggings, no sports bra). And I am basically done with the web, but the most concerning thing is that i dont like the pictures of the items in the store that we have at the moment . ANYWAYS, so i am planning to fit in a shoot to re-take all my items for the store. Espcially the leggings. However, we dont have much time so we want to make the photoshoot succesful for sure and therefore seeking your advice.


For the leggings, we only want to take pictures of the legs (not the upper body or face) so it focuses on the leggings. But we also DO NOT want to take it in a studio or with a mono-color background as like a "regular" fitness/clothing store. We want to take it outside with some background of perhaps trees and beaches. (As I am making these outfits in Sri Lanka and most of the pictures (that are not for the store but more like for instagram and brochures) are with the tropical-natural-flavor and so is the web.


 But taking just the lower body outside is challenging (in terms of syling of the pictures and such) as usually pictures that we take outside include the whole body from head to toe. Do you have any resource or advice on how to take creative sylish pictures of fitness outfits?? Or any examples from other shopify stores?? Or any images in particular? 

Since my leggings are in all sorts of colors (only 2 colors per leggings but the collections has many colors) so it's a bit challenging and 'noisy' to take it in the city, so i'm considering to do the shoot in a simple park or beach.


Thank you in advance and please help me with your insights/resources/tips, very much appretiated.



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Hi @Yunamaekawa!


Erica here from Shopify.


Welcome to our Community!
I wouldn't worry about the language as your level of English seems amazing to me, and you explained everything very clearly!


From what you're saying, I understand you'd like to give your store a unique and bespoke feel, to differentiate it and make it stand out from the competition, and I completely agree this is very important.


There are a few things I thought of which you could consider for this. Let's take a look at them below:

  • A good product photo is one where you see the product, not the photo. If you notice that it's a photograph and start thinking of it as a photograph, you're not thinking about the product anymore.
  • You don't want to distract the customer with the background, but focus only on the product. (This is why usually a white background is usually recommended.)

That said, many brands shoot their products with a background that complements them, so it can be done.

I did a bit of research for you and found this link, where you'll be able to see a few examples: ALTERNATIVES TO WHITE BACKGROUND PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY.


  • Make sure the background is slightly blurred out, to maintain the focus on the main product.
  • Make sure the colours don't clash, but rather complement each-other.

I found some examples for you, that might help you to get a clearer idea of what you should be looking for:









I hope this helps and please feel free to share with us your store, so we can take a look and give you some feedback.


All the best, Erica

Erica | Support Specialist Italian @ Shopify 
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these examples look very nice, it's important to see the cloth you're going to buy in real life environment, tbh

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Do you have any pairs made specially for pregnant women? I'm not sure that you have any, however speaking about your idea of taking photos on different backgrounds, the idea seems to be very practical, tbh. It's always more important to see how the fabric and the fit would look like in everyday life. I would also suggest to ask your customers to take photos and even publish some reviews on the goods you offer. It does really work as a marketing thing if you see that other people purchase these goods ad they leave some comments about them. As an example you can look through, I've recently bought some new pairs of preggo leggings, cuz I'm pegnant now and all these reviews other women left there were very useful to choose the best available option.