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Hi There

I am new to Shopify. I sell Educational sets that contains Audio files ( so is a physical+ downloadable items) . My question is how do you deal with an item that you sell in a Expo for example ( so not online) but you need your customer to download the audio file from my website. I used to have an "audio page" on WordPress were customers could download their audio files directly but can't find a way to do this here. Also the "audio page" I had in WordPress use to be password protected and can't do this here either... Please advise

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Hi, @Naty1 !


There are definitely ways you can achieve this using the Shopify platform. I'd recommend using the Digital Downloads application to link your audio files to your products. With this application, your customers will receive a link to download the corresponding audio file directly to their email address.


Setting up the audio page would likely require some work. I have some questions so I can provide you with the best possible resources though. What is the purpose of the audio page, if you don't mind me asking? If the customer receives their downloads after purchase, they would have access to the files they've paid for. Is this, more or less like a library?


Setting up the password protection should be pretty straightforward with an application as well. I'd recommend trying Easy Lockdown for that.


As an aside, it may also be a good idea to look into hiring a Shopify Expert. You may find someone is able to build all of this custom for your store instead of possibly paying monthly for a few applications.


Hope to hear from you soon so we can continue to take a look into this together!


Oliver | Social Care @ Shopify 
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