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I can't figure out how to ask a question so I'll hijack this reply button and hope for the best.

In our store we have a "will call" button and then different shipping options.  Some of our out-of-state customers have clicked on "will call" and we stage the order to then find out when they check on the delivery date, or lack there of, that they either wanted to avoid shipping charges or didn't realize where we are located.  How can we avoid this happening?

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You cannot avoid that using the Shopify recommended approach of adding a free shipping rate for local pickup.  Some customers who really need the order shipped WILL click that button because it says "free" and no matter what verbiage you use in the rate description this will happen.  The fact that Shopify orders the shipping rates on the shipping page in checkout by price does not help since it will always appear as the first option in the list.  You will spend more time trying to fix these orders than using this method is worth.  Your only reliable option is to pay for an app that hides the non-pertinent shipping rates.  Or use the clunky "put in the order notes that you would like local pickup and we will refund any shipping you pay" method - at least you won't have to deal with trying to collect shipping after the order is placed.

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We found an easy solution for our store for the in-store pickup that didn't involve us purchasing anything more than what we were already purchasing.


Here is what we did:


  1. Created a Product called 'Pick Up in Store'
  2. Added a button to the cart page which reads 'Pick up in store'.  When customers click this, it adds the pick up in store product to their cart. (We used https://www.bestcssbuttongenerator.com/ to get the code for the button)
    • The code on our cart page that goes where you want it in your cart liquid looks like this: 
                <a href="/cart/add/30258426118224" class="pickupButton">Click here to pick up your order in store</a>
    • The CSS for our button that goes in the theme.css file looks like this: 
      //Pick Up In Store Button Style and Color CSS
      .pickupButton {
        	border: 1px solid #000000;
      	padding:4px 8px;
  3. Created a rule in Selly United (an app we use for many other things and already had because it's awesome) that gives free shipping to any order within the United States which contains the product 'Pick Up in Store'
  4. When our shipper sees that product in the order, they bring it to the store rather than shipping it.

And all works out well.

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@kyle-wickersham  How does it work on the checkout page?  How do you prevent the customer from having to select a shipping option and not charge them shipping?

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can you remove the shipping address if this option is selected