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 Hey guys, I have installed ping on my site - as I thought it would be a great way to chat to customers when they are browsing my site.

I have downloaded the app on my phone, to catch any message but sadly I always miss the messages as Im not looking at my phone every minute all day and when a new messages comes though they is no warning ding, ping or sound, does this app feature a notification sound like a text message or any sound? If it did actually ping when a new message came through I would be able to get on to the message asap before the customer left the site.


Cheers Mark 

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I'm having exactly the same problem.  I can't find any way to add a sound notification to Ping on my Google Pixel 3A.   Also the last time I had a message, the notification came through 20 minutes after the message so even when I did see it come through on my phone, the customer was long gone! Think I might just have to delete this feature.

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Not sure how to do it on your phone, I own a LG Velvet and these are the steps I took.

1) Open Settings (Gear Icon)

2) Scroll down to Apps (or Apps & Notifications)

3) Select App Info (or equivalent on your phone)

4) Scroll down till you find Ping and select it

5) Once selected, my phone has an App Notifications selection (hopefully yours does too), select it

6) Under Categories, select Shopify Ping (make sure it is also turned on)

7) Select the Sound option and you should be able to change the notification sound there.


The above may be slightly different on your phone but I hope this helps.