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I'm using Pipeline theme. I've build a collection page with collection filters(composed of a menu with different collections). I've tried to find in documentation if there is ajax filtering, but I couldn't find anything. I just have a couple of questions to understand how the theme works and what are my options.
I understand that this sidebar menu is composed of different collections and each of them have their own url and that it refreshes. As all of them will have the same template, I would like to have the possibility to refresh only the products without the whole page being scrolled to the top.
Let's say I'm on collections/all and I chose "exterior paint" on the filter and the url will change to "collections/exterior-paint", but I'd like the page to stay on the same scroll position and just change the products to the products of that collection.

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 12.30.20 PM.png


Hope it makes sense.