Please Help! I have a deadline tomorrow!

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Hi Everyone.  I am getting very frustrated...


I cannot bulk or singly add any of my products to collections I have created.  I have read archives and followed instructions but I am obviously missing something small and ridiculous.  I need to have my 5,000 products categorized by tomorrow for my boss.  Been working since 7 a.m. just on this and I am frustrated and wasting my time at this point and I cannot figure out are the details and screen shots.  Thanks in advance...


• I have set up automated collections

• when I try to add products, the collections will not show up.  I checked tags and titles and I believe this is set correctly.

• please see all screen shots for my current settings. Thank you!collections not showing when trying to add productscollections not showing when trying to add products


products to be addedproducts to be added


product tag conditions in productproduct tag conditions in product


tags in producttags in product


settings in collectionssettings in collections


actual collections createdactual collections created



Hi @aaeglass 


When you created the Product title rules you've used 3mm - however in your product titles they're typed as 3 mm (with a space). If you had the collection rules set to 'all conditions' then that may have been the cause of  the products not showing for that example.


Have you tried creating a collection with a simple rule-set such as Product Price > Is Greater than > $1?

This might help narrow down where the issue is. If that doesn't produce any products (assuming your products have prices listed) then it might suggest that there is an issue with the channel availability of your products