Please help and guide someone, got an email saying your business is risky. Please Guide

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This was the email i received from the Risk operations team, I dont know what is the issue, if they tell me the Problem or risk we will sort it out and correct it .


moreover we got DMCA Takedown request almost 20 days before, but we kept going, and when our store got shut down, we contacted the company who filed the complain and they agreed to take back the request and they took back the request and i received the email from shopify also that the complain has been withdrawn,

And they shared the email also which they sent to the shopify, 

Please help me out what should i do now i am ready to make any changes to the store if anything is risky or not good, This is our first business and we made mistakes but we want to correct them, Please do something , We love shopify and dont want to move to any other platform, we want to correct the mistake we made .


Please guide me someone what should i do, How this can be resolved now what to do now.