Please let my shoppers "Agree to T&C" in the CHECKOUT

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Like in many other countries, in Poland, we have a consumer protection law that requires us to get explicit consent by the shopper to our t&c. It's not much different from Germany or anywhere else in Europe.


I have read Why does Shopify not include an 'Agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy' checkbox at check... but I do not agree with this argumentation. Lawyers have warned us that our current checkout system is not compliant with local law. I believe their judgement more than a blog article from Canada.


I know that in Germany, Shopify merchants already have the ability to add this sentence to the final review page of their checkout (example attached below). It adds a sentence that says: "I agree to the terms and conditions and I have read the cancellation policy." It is even described in the Shopify documentation how to add it:


Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 11.20.57.png

Why do I in Poland not get this feature?


I also know that - a Polish Shopify Plus store, uses the power of Shopify Plus to add a checkbox to add a checkbox feature into the checkout. We cannot afford 2000$/mon just to run a store that is compliant with the law. This should be included in Shopify's core feature set.

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Yes, I know that there are many apps that provide a similar feature on the cart page (If you are an app developer - please do not try to highjack this thread and sell me your app. I am not interested). But that's the point: Many customer journeys ideally skip the cart altogether (Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop, Abandonment Emails, Headless CMS solutions, "Checkout now" buttons) and also this would make it incompatible with other apps like the Zapiet app that I'm currently using, which allows me to ask my customers for a delivery date & time. Also, I've found numerous examples how to circumvent these apps - all they do is add a fake checkmark on top of an already-rendered page - it's like a fake exhaust on a car - it may look like it makes my page more secure, but in reality, it doesn't do anything.