Plugins for Customize Order Email to Individual Vendor's emails

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We are planning to launch the E commence Mall Type website as soon as possible. However, we need to use some features required to complete our website functions and features. So I would like to let you know what we need.
One of the features that we want to have is Customize Order Emails to Individual Vendor's emails. We want to automatically send the specific and related order list mail to each vendor after filtering out customer information and other vendors’ products once we got an order from the customers’ side.
Shopify has a fulfillment system in which we can add mail of the vendors but the problem is we can’t filter out the orders of each vendor.

(Note: I provided a scenario photo for more understandings. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or plug-in to use for our needs, please suggests me. Thank you.)


Customize Order Email to each VendorCustomize Order Email to each Vendor