Pop-up Image Added but Not Displayed

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We would like some help regarding an issue we have with our newsletter subscription pop-up. 

We have added a newsletter subscription pop-up that appears a few seconds after a user enters our e-commerce site, and we wanted to also add an image to this pop-up.

So we went to Online Store > Themes > Customize, chose the Popups section on the left menu, scrolled down to the Image section, uploaded the image we want to add, and then clicked save. And here is the problem: the image does not appear in the pop-up.

We tried to remove and re-upload the image again but still, it didn't appear. And the weird thing is that it does appear on the Popup's Image section as if it is indeed added in the pop-up, but for some reason, it is not displayed in the pop-up.  

Does anyone know why this might happen? Is there something we might be doing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance!

P.S. The theme of our website is shella theme 3.2.0.

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Hello @StudioAvra since you are trying to use pop ups to capture newsletter leads you might also want to take a look at Shopify's Pop up Builders in general here: