Possible to always have 'all items' display when viewing/printing Orders?

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When in the Shopify Admin panel, and viewing an Order, or printing that Order, if the order has many lines of unique items in it, then Shopify truncates the list of items, and has at the bottom 'View all Items',  and there is the number of items after, 'View All Items (62)' for example, if there were 62 items in the Order, it only displays the first 15 lines of products.  This repeatedly throws people here for a loop when viewing/printing Orders in the actual Shopify admin.  Could this be changed on Shopify's part to display all products in the Order?  And if Shopify can't respond to this right away, then we'll need to promptly code it differently if possible.  It has caused repeated errors in customer's Orders being printed, and it not being caught (it's such an unexpected thing to have in the Order view/print), and then the customer's Order only being partially picked and shipped to them, and us having them inconvenienced, and our own losses in repeat shipping.  With the busy season ahead, we can't relay on this additional thing that people need to be mindful of and check to see that Shopify hasn't truncated the products in the Order. We need all products listed by default when viewing/printing an Order in the Shopify admin panel.