Post office / Label question...

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Hey guys.. so, I had an overwhelming amount of orders that I took to the post office the other day.. like 60 boxes. 


The post office worker to me next time I have this many, that it would be helpful for me to print out 1 additional label so they only have to scan the one label and it generates all the orders in their system. Does anyone know how or what they are talking about? Thanks. 

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Hi Tailoredsouth,

Your Post Office is looking for a form called "End of Day," which in logistics lingo is called a Shipment Manifest. Basically, you can print this form out and all they have to do is scan it. How to do generate this form depends on the software that you use to ship.

For example, Shipstation has the ability to generate this for each Carrier (Shipments Tab). Each carrier's process is a little different but accomplishes the same thing! If you have a specific follow-up question, I'm happy to help answer it.

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Best of luck on your e-commerce journey!