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Hi all,

New to this and wondering if anyone can help. I'm wondering if there is a way to add a 'postcode search' function to the shipping/checkout page e.g. when a customer goes through to the shipping section they can enter a postcode and it autofills their address for them?

Thanks in advance!!



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Have a look at

We used fetchify really successfully for almost 3 years providing exactly the functionality you require. Customers loved it, until Shopify stopped the method used for injecting code on the checkout page on standard stores. Rather than solve the user need, they just blocked it.

Unless you are using shopify pro you cannot modify the checkout pages - therefore cannot achieve what you want to do.
A cynic may suggest Shopify identified a loophole and a way to force merchants to upgrade to Pro to get this functionality.

I've asked support several times and waited for the new fetchify app, but it looks like this is just another postcode validator.

Really frustrating! 

If you find a solution please share.