Pre-Fill address details in checkout from draft order email

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Not sure if possible but would appreciate advice or confirmation. 


I regularly make Draft orders for customers and then email them the invoice so they can go to the checkout in their own time and pay. No issues with the process so far. 


However, one customer just mentioned to me that when he follows the link, the address details from the invoice in the email are not filled on the checkout page. I checked and he's correct.

I've filled out both a billing and shipping address on Shopify and these show on the email he's received. Yet when he follows the link in the email, all the fields in the checkout are empty except for his email address. What's the point in filling out the addresses in the Draft then..?

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We are having the same problem as well.  We can't recreate the problem consistently, but it seems isolated to the new Shipping Profiles feature (although not every store, but consistently on one)


The suggestion on this thread with the same issue says that the trouble was that the country code and province code were not present in the draft POST request, but ours had the codes in the request.  Here is the JSON of just the address part of the draft:


        "shipping_address": {
            "first_name": "Matt",
            "address1": "123 new st.",
            "phone": null,
            "city": "louisville",
            "zip": "40205",
            "province": "Kentucky",
            "country": "United States",
            "last_name": "G",
            "address2": "",
            "company": "new add",
            "latitude": 38.2214782,
            "longitude": -85.67944340000001,
            "name": "Matt G",
            "country_code": "US",
            "province_code": "KY"