Pre-Order Apps - still limited to 7 day window with Shopify Payments?

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I'm trying to better understand the advantage of using a pre-order app versus the built-in functionality of "Continue Selling When Out of Stock" option that's built into Shopify.

I think one of the main differences is that the apps let us display a "Pre-Order" button in place of "Add to Cart" button on the product detail page.  And some, pre-order apps allow customers to pay just a portion of the total sale price or just use it for "Notify Me" function.

But, here's my key question if we're using Shopify Payments as the Payment Gateway and we want to launch pre-orders 3 weeks prior to the inventory arriving, can we do that with one of the pre-order apps? Or, will we still be subject to the 7-day window to capture the payment?  I'm thinking that if I set up the partial pay option, say pay 10% now to reserve, then that's the workaround because a payment is then captured and the rest can be billed 3 weeks later, yes?


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Well yes, you can set a partial payment amount and then ask for the rest of it whenever you want by sending customer invoice. 

Try KAD Pre-Order — PreOrder NOW app they have partial payment feature and it works with Shopify gateway just fine.