Pre-order feature?

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Are there any plans to build true pre-order functionality in Shopify? Rather than just allowing customers to purchase stock when it's 'sold out', but also having a set limit of how many items can be pre-ordered, messaging that shows expected ship dates and mixed-cart notes. 


Even from all the third-party apps on the Shopify App store, they still don't hit all areas and are often buggy with different Shopify themes. 

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I'd love this feature, too.

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I can’t speak to Shopify’s plans, but I run an app called PreProduct that fits 80% of your description.


All of the pre-order listings show the planned ship date on the front-end. There’s also a ’crowdfunding’ type of listing that will hide the product from your storefront once a specified number of pre-orders has been reached.


It works a little differently to normal pre-order apps, as we collect ‘order commitments’ and then email payment links out to these customers at a later date. This opens up quite a few doors, as you can trigger these payment links whenever you’re ready. e.g. you can start listing your product way in advance, collect payment before ordering stock, collect payment after ordering stock, but use the ‘order commitments’ as a gauge for future demand when you’re deciding how many units to order etc.


The app has only been out for 6 weeks, so we’re iterating pretty quickly on our feature set. I’d be interested to hear more about the ‘mixed-cart’ notes idea.


Anyway, there’s a link in my signature, and I’d be more than happy to jump on a Zoom demo with anyone interested, as well as work through new features.







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