Presentment Prices

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Price discrimination is a very well known price strategy in international markets.

We would like to set a price of product A to:

- 200 Euro for European clients    and
- 200 Dollar for American clients

Thus we do NOT want to use automatic currency conversion one-on-one.
Shopify's "Presentment prices" (API) suggest support for an individual price per currency (when using Shopify Payments - which we do).

Through the API we have POST/PUT presentment prices with a specific price value and curerency.
But we do not see them showing up in the ADMIN panel, nor the shop.

Where do we administer presentment prices in shopify?
How does this work?

Looking forward to some clarity..

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I'm wondering the same thing. 

We're currently headed down a different solution when I stumbled on presentment prices. 

Basically we're abusing Variants to you have one per currency and set it there. We were lucky the client isn't using variants yet and had a 1-1 relation between products and variants. Some UI trickery to show only the Variant for the current currency and it kinda works. But it makes me feel a little dirty. 
It would probably still work if you do use variants as long as you dont have too many "options" set. 

I got the idea from one of the Apps that uses this as a solution (I would have bought it but fear it will collide with other bespoking in the template)