Price Attribute Currency For Google Shopping Feeds

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Update - Hey guys I may have just solved this one myself, but feel free to add your feedback.


Hoping someone can help. I am using ShoppingFeeder App to create feeds for Google Shopping. The app staff kindly offered to set the feeds up in the GMC account, at the start.

GMC has approved the feeds but there is an error related to the price attribute, currency. This is causing an issue.

The price attribute, currency was set in SGD (on products in feeds) but the shopify store is in USD and the Shipping matches with USD and the shipping in GMC is also USD.

GMC staff have requested that the price attribute currency be changed to USD and then we're good to go.

Does anyone know where and if, I can edit the price attribute currency in GMC? I've looked everywhere and read the GMC documentation info on feed attributes but cannot find where this is to be edited.

I've asked ShoppingFeeder app staffto assist but so far not resolved.

Appreciate insights on editing this attribute.




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