Price Per Unit only in Germany and France?

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So I was doing a little digging around and I found this link:


It's about showing the Price Per Unit of your products. I had to create this for a client recently and I did it with pure liquid. It was a struggle at first and necessarily complicated.


Why is this only an option in Germany and France? If the functionality is there why not release this to the whole world?


Can anyone shed some light on this? I'd like to know why I can't have this option in the UK, where it's become a requirement by a few of my clients.

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Agreed I am struggling with the same problem in North America and Im getting ridiculous quotes for outsourcing the work. Going to smash my head against this article i guess until i figure it out... 


Thanks? :P

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+1. what is the reason to not enable this feature on other countries?

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As far as I know the reason why it only shows in Germany and France is because legally they need to show the unit price per product.

I simply requested support to add the unit price to my store (which is not a German or French store) and they successfully done so.

However, I'm not sure what kind of user you need to be in order for you to get this support.


I guess you can always ask!


Good luck