Print-On-Demand Fulfillment Service Provider in the Philippines Looking for Possible Partners

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I recently opened my Shopify shop selling custom printed tees. I currently sell to US, Canada, UK, and Australia only. I use Print-on-Demand companies to fulfill my orders. 

However, since I am a Filipino, I am looking to expand and sell to Filipinos as well. I can't sell to Philippines with the PODs I am using because it will be too much ($19.95 for shirt + $10 shipping = $29.95 ~Php1,300).

I am not sure if there is any print-on-demand service provider from the Philippines. But right now, I am thinking about starting my own tshirt print shop to fulfill Philippine orders.

Are there any Filipinos here who would be interested to partner with me and sell and/or promote tshirts, and I'll be the one to print and ship to your customers? This could be a win-win solution for us. I will only charge Php250/shirt + Php95 shipping. Any amount in excess of these are yours to keep. You will not need to stock or manage inventory. I have cool designs purchased online, and they're pretty expensive, so I am confident your friends, audience, customers, would like them.

I will only use heat press transfers for this as a start. If it goes well, I consider buying DTG printer.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you are interested. I would also appreciate if there are foreigners willing to give suggestions/feedback about my plan. 

I have other products aside from tshirts that are customizable. I do satin gift pouches, loot bags, reusable face masks which are available for reselling.

Thanks for reading and hoping to meet new partners!

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Hi N, 

Apologies for replying as this isn't totally related to your concern. I see that you are a very successful Shopify seller. 

I just started putting up my Shopify store, I'm based in the Philippines and I don't know what payment gateway is best if I sell my products to UK, US, Canada and Australia. 

I did some research and it seems like most of the Filipinos are having problems with payment gateways.

Also, did you use your Philippines address to set up your shopify account? 

I hope you could help. Thanks a lot!