Print on Demand Active Wear Fulfilled in UK

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Does anyone know of a print on demand supplier whose fulfillment and shipping is actually done in the UK, not just one that ships to the UK?


Reason for asking is that I spent weeks creating a range of fitness clothing with a major PoD dropshipper whose garments are made/fulfilled in the US.  Prior to launching, I ordered a set for myself to check quality, fit, delivery etc.  Having paid £60 cost price for three items, imagine my horror to then receive a demand for import duties and VAT before my package would be delivered!  (Turns out this information does exist on the supplier's website but you'd have to know what to search for, so if you didn't know to expect it you wouldn't search for it!  I feel strongly that there should be a warning at checkout, BEFORE payment, telling you this will happen with an educated estimate of the amount you'll have to pay and the added delay to your delivery time.)


Anyhow, I'd really rather not have to explain all this to my prospective UK customers as I feel they'd probably be put off ordering.  Also, if they have to add those charges to any order, that makes the final price higher, which might price me out of the market as I'm starting out, not some big business in competition with Sweaty Betty.  So where is the room for my profit margin if I need to cut it back to allow for the added duties?


Long explanation - sorry.  I just want to know if there's a supplier with UK fulfillment so there won't be these delays and extra charges.  TIA.

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I've been use Printful. And yes, they have fulfillment in UK. Take a look at this