Problem Connecting to Facebook Using Firefox, X-Frame

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This is the message I receive after following the prompt to "Log in":


Blocked by X-Frame-Options Policy

An error occurred during a connection to

Firefox prevented this page from loading in this context because the page has an X-Frame-Options policy that disallows it.


Where does one edit the "x-frame" options?


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I am new to Shopify, in the middle of my trial period.


For now, I'll assume that my unfamiliarity with getting assistance is related to my need to understand this product/service/community better.

For 20 years I have been a GoDaddy customer for all web related services and decided to move to Shopify for e-commerce.

GoDaddy has technical assistance unlike any other company I have ever experienced - they have a phone number, they answer your call, then they spend the time they need to spend with the customer to get them over the problem; if they can't they "escalate" the problem to a senior technical support staff.


Here is the response I got from technical support here at Shopify:


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