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Hi everyone - I`ve made my few first sales via PayPal, and now Paypal is holding my money until the customer gets his product. However, there is a button called "get you money quicker" or something like that, and when you click, they ask if it`s a product, to which I said yes, and then they ask for the tracking number, all good until here. 

Since we are dropshipping, and I will put the tracking number there alongside the AliExpress standard shipping courier, the customer will see it, and maybe it`s not a good idea?

However, the tracking code that I was provided with from AliExpress, directs me to the 17track website which there I can see USPS, and currently, they don`t display anything about that tracking number.
So what I should do guys?

Any ideas or advice will be highly appreciated!

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Hi, @NorbertDev,

Hank here from Shopify.

As you mentioned that PayPal is holding your funds, the best thing I could advise you is to reach out to PayPal directly about this.

I found out some great information about PayPal holds on this page, which advises some ways you can speed up the hold they have. This section below may be of particular use to you.




Another thing you could do is contact your AliExpress supplier to query the tracking number. It may be a case that there are no updates also, and that is why the information on 17track is not showing, but your supplier can update you more on this.

So perhaps the best thing to do would be to query with the supplier first that it is the correct tracking number and then to reach out to PayPal to see if you can advise them of this and that you are dropshipping.

Between the two, your query should certainly be resolved. But if you need anything else from Shopify, please do let me know!

All the best,


Hank | Social Care @ Shopify 
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