Problem create new template for customizable products

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To create customizable products I  have followed this shopify article ( and these video too: (

I could create the text box for the costumers customize their product, but something weird is happening. Following the tutorial, I have to create another product.liquid, so I can add the customization for select products only, and not all of them. So I create the product.customizable.liquid and copied the content of product.liquid to these new file. Then I create another section called product-customizable-template.liquid and copied the content of product.template.liquid. 

Then I went to the product.customizable.liquid and change the reference {% section 'product-template' %} to {% section 'product-customizable-template' %}, as the tutorial says.. 

And so something wierd happens. The product details are gone. 

I´ve recorded a video to show what is happening (


Can someone help me out, please! Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you


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Hi, I have a similar issue. Once I've created the product customizable template (following the Shopify Tutorial steps) my customized field shows fine on my product page but than the Quantity Value is gone. The code is there but it gets overwritten once the product.customizable is selected.