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Hi, im having an issue when i try to checkout my products in the cart

I have a process that retrieve price with percentage discount ( i created the product "on the fly" with the discount price, for each product) . The thing is when i click on checkout, i send the new products price with the quantity of each of them, but when i click on checkout, the quantity of the products change . For example :

Step 1 - The client write the ID value for discount.


Step 2 : You can see for each product , the percentage discount 


Step 3 : Details of the total price



Then, when i click on "AVANZAR AL CHECKOUT" (Go to the checkout), the quantity of the products changed between them. Example :}

I have 1 - Acotol, and 2 - Perebron (Step 2)



In the checkout page, i have  2 Acotol and 1 Perebron. The quantity of the products change when i go to the checkout page.

First of all, i call the /cart/clear.js (when the client put the ID on the form). Then i call the cart/add.js with the new price of the product and the quantity, and last, i use the cart/update.js with the new values.


I hope that you guys can help me, im struggling with this for a few days. 

Best Regards.

José Díaz