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First, I want to tell I just discover Shopify forum and I learn many things here. I have some problems with my Shopify shop and I am trying to solve them together with you now.


My shop is online now almost 2 months and the problem is I change almost all of the product link pages (without redirection) so i created new products pages, when I go in google I see this.


As you can see I have 1.53 K Links excluded.


I also put in theme.liquid those codes:


I don't know how to fix those problems, can someone give me some tips about this?


my sitemap shows me the links with _1 at the and. Shouldn't be without this _1? How can I solve this?


Check my sitemap:


I have around 5 tags for every product, but these tags are only to integrate that product to a collection or is also good for SEO? For example, I have iPhone 8 Ultra-thin Case product, I added to the collection of iPhone 8 Cases with the tag iPhone 8 case, but the iPhone 8 ultra-thin case tag should I put it as a tag or no? because I don't want to create another collection with the name iPhone 8 ultra-thin case.



I hope you can give me some good answers and help me.




If you've renamed all your product pages and did not do redirects, then yes, you are going to have indexation and an abundance of errors in Google Search Console. Either do the redirects now (better later than never) or wait for Google to re-index the new pages.

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