Problem with a currency switcher

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Having an issue with Shopify Payments that has started around 16 hours ago on my client's shopify store. The Shopify store sells in GBP and AUD with the primary currency of the store being GBP.

The client has chosen to have a fixed currency exchange rate of 1GBP = 2AUD. Until today, when someone used the currency selector and went to AUD, the prices would automatically be in AUD according to the exchange rate that the client uses.

However from a few hours, the AUD conversion is bugged and now the conversion shows live exchange rate prices on the pages but on checkout goes back to 1GBP = 2AUD causing a lot of confusion in customers who are repeatedy asking support on why are the prices so different.

Has someone got a clue of what's happening? Is there a way to manually manipulate the script and ensure that when currency chosen is AUD, the fixed exchange rate be used (whether dynamically or even hard-coded)

Thanks a lot,
Muhammad Bilal.

P.S. For reference, the store is built on the Debut theme