Problem with background images and new iPhone iOS

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Hi! I have a big issue with background images not showing on iPhone with updated iOS. I contacted the theme (Split) and they said is a Shopify issue and that they have been getting a lot of reports on this. I contacted Shopify and they say this doesn't appear to be a Shopify-specific issue, but rather an issue with how this latest iOS version renders web pages in general and that it may require both Shopify-made and third-party themes to be updated to account for the changes.

Anybody else having this problem? I have no idea what else to do about it. 

Split theme has an "image with text" widget that I am using a lot, I have a black image as a background and white text on top. It looks great everywhere except for my iPhone. I already tried to replicate it using the "image with text overlay" in Debut free theme and it is also presenting the same issue. 



What is supposed to be a black background with white text appears as white space. But, if you mouse over, you can see the area becoming grey, and then you see the text... The issue is that the system is not loading the background image for some reason...