Problem with offering bulk - wholesale - private label hand sanitizer on our shopify site


To shopify team

We are a manufacturer for private label skin care and OTC products, we also manufacture hand sanitizer. We have listed a wholesale/ bulk hand sanitizers on our shopify store with bulk/ wholesale prices, we don't sell retail, so the prices that were posted on our site are just for private label clients who want to buy hand sanitizers wholesale or bulk at large quantities. It looks like shopify system wrongly interrupted our prices as retail and un-published the products.  The products were listed at gallon sizes, 55 gallons, 285 gallons, 1000 gallons and so on, these prices are for wholesale large sizes and not a retail unit size of 1-2 oz, one gallon is 128 oz and at $38-70 per gallon, our prices are the cheapest around. Again we are selling by the gallons whether its a pail or 50 gallons or a 275 gallons tote, the prices are for big bulk quantities not small sizes as hows your system interrupted.


We have submitted several tickets and chatted with your customer service but we didn't see any help yet, this is been going on for 6-8 weeks, we need to know if it's ok to re-list these products or not, you can check our website and see the products and decide for yourself.


Thank you

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