Problems loading backend / saving errors

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Hi! I'm creating discount codes for the shop I manage, but every time I save the code, it gives me a server error. (red pop up on lower part of the screen). Whenever I go back to all discounts, the discount code has saved anyway. But if I want to edit the code or add a specific rule / recipient later on, it keeps on giving me the:

There’s a problem loading this page

There’s a technical problem with Shopify that has prevented this page from loading. Try reloading this page or going to another page in Shopify. If that doesn’t work, visit our status page for updates and try again later.
I already cleared cookies, logged off and logged back in, used different browsers (chrome is default), tried incognito mode, used a different computer... But nothing helps. And I see a lot of issues posted here concerning this error, but no specific solution to it. Please help O and I read somewhere about an ad blocker running, but I don't have that running at the moment.. Thanks for reaching out!