Problems with a custom link list

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Hi, I created a custom link list and could not be able to have it displayed in the store. Do I need to include CSS code for it to appear in the main frontpage? Thanks, Rene V. love shopify experience!!!
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yes. You need to actually add liquid code which is responsible for requesting the list and then you are free to do whatever you want with the links. ( I’m sure you guys will come up with totally unreasonable and crazy uses for link lists in the future and will give me headaches ).

You have to take the title of the link list and make a handle out of it. This is done by lowercasing the tital and replacing spaces and any non alphanumerical characters with a dash.


  • “My Cool List” => my-cool-list
  • “STUFF” => stuff

and so on.

Once you know the handle you can request the list with following liquid construct

{% for link in %} 
  <li>{{ link.title | link_to: link.url }}</li>
{% endfor %} 

I need to come up with a good way to show handles of things like pages, blogs, linklists and collections in the admin without cluttering up the UI for non liquid developers.

Any ideas are welcome.

Tobias Lütke - Shopify CEO //
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Not sure how I can proceed with my limited knowledge of “programming”.

I believe it would be simple to “style” the link list within a page so a page can become a “link” in the navigation menu. That’s what I probably will do.

So, I’m not sure why a link list exists if it cannot show up at navigation menu.

Rene V.