Processing Returns with no Receipt

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Looking for information on how to process returns if the customer does not have an original receipt or a gift receipt. 


When processing a return we currently use a receipt, gift or receipt or look for the order under the person's name. That's a problem if its a gift (i.e. especially Christmas). Forget if their credit card has a middle name and/or initial!


My question is can you process a return and/or exchange without an original receipt or gift receipt. I am looking to put the physical merchandise back in my inventory and give them something else in return.

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Hi @MondayBrew,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in!


If you're unable to find the original order, then the simplest way to do this would be to issue a gift card for the return. You can issue a gift card for free, and manually adjust the inventory to reflect the returned item. Essentially you'll be accepting the returned item in exchange for store credit.


Gift Cards are available on the Professional ($79/month) plan and higher. If you're on the Basic or Lite plan, we'll need to look into third-party apps. One that I found that would work well is called Rise: Gift Cards & Loyalty. With this app, you'll be able to issue store credit to a specific customer account. In this case, you could create a customer account for the gift recipient and issue store credit for the returned item. Again, since we don't know the original order number, you'll need to manually adjust the inventory to reflect the returned item.


How were your Holiday sales, in general, this year? Did you learn anything that you think you may do differently next year? Also, out of curiosity, were you able to take advantage of any of our free Shopify Academy courses? I'd love to hear about your experience!


All the best,



Dani | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @MondayBrew Mondaybrew,
I'm Neomi from app.
As Dani mentioned you can refund using gift cards.

with Rise app, you can also refund using store credit straight from your store dashboard.
We offer gift cards and refunds to al Shopify merchants (yes even basic).

feel free to contact me at for more information

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Hi there.  We are literally going live this coming Tuesday.  This is absolutely insane about not being able to process a return without a receipt.  This is an incredibly simple request.  I own a privately owned Patagonia store and we allow customers to come in and exchange items from other stores, gifts etc.  Selling them a Gift Card each time is crazy!  I would never have signed up for this system if I had known about this.  This seems like a VERY easy solution for a developer to figure out.  PLEASE find a fix on this.  My mind is literally blown away that this is even a problem and I'm super bummed that I just signed up for this.....

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I'm having the same issue.  My only solution is to use a calculator.  This feels unprofessional and dated.  Even my 1995 cash register could do a simple exchange or refund without a receipt.  Please Please add this essential item to the POS system!!!!

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If I can add my own support behind this issue. If a customer brings back an item (lost receipt) I cab find no way of exchanging the item for them without finding the initial sale, This is completely impractical.

Has anyone found a work around? This is a fairly major lack of functionality and will result in me not going live and possibly looking for another solution. Please help.

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I'm in the same position as you are as well. We have installed POS at 13 locations and now can't refund without receipt.

Calling all Shopify staff: can you shed light on why this simple functionality isn't allowed? Is there a plan to add this in future updates? We know about the workaround, but it isn't very practical, nor does it make for a very good customer/staff experience.

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We are in the same position. It was a basic function on our previous software. I can't get an answer form Shopify as to whether it will ever be possible.

It is such a disappointment as the rest of the software works really well for us. We may need to look elsewhere if this is not resolved.

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So anything new about this problem? I also need a solution.......!!

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Has this been actioned yet, I am currently looking at swapping our POS to shopify however if there is no simple way to return an item with no original order details/receipt without having to manually adjust stock myself or 'work around' I will not be moving. This is a most basic need for a POS system. Being able to scan in the returned item and simply convert it to a minus so it will restock and having the option to refund or ecxhange is a basic necessity for any shop.