Processing personalised products

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I've got a store which sells a mixture of personalised and non-personalised products. The personalised product is basically a canvas in which the customer uploads a picture and I edit the picture for them before completing the fulfilment of the order.

I'm a little confused at how to do the fulfilment process, I've been reading and figured an option would be to set as manual fulfilment, so this would mean:

  1. When the customer places an order, this comes through to my orders page
  2. I grab the picture the customer uploads from the orders page, edit it on my own software and then edit their order with the new processed image before processing the order

However, this works well and good for that single product but not so much for orders which don't need personalisation as it requires me to manual approve everything. I want to ask if there's a way to only turn on manual fulfilment on certain products or if anyone could suggest an alternative solution to process personalised products?

Thanks in advance!