Product A + Product B (free of charge and with different sizes) & inventory - how to set up?

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The challenge that I need help with is as follows.

I'm selling necklace pendants, and chains in different sizes.

When my customer has selected the pendant they want to buy they should also be able to select the size of the chain on the same page, see below picture, to no additional cost, the chain is free of charge and is included in the purchase of the pendant.


The pendants have their own unique amount of stock, just as each size of chain has.

I want my customer to select the pendant they want to buy, then the size of chain on the same page that they would like and that when the purchase is made that the inventory for each of these items is subtracted accordingly.

I know that I can create variants for each product, the chains right now are their own product (with 3 variant sizes) with their own inventory (size A could be 100, size B could be 150, size C could be 200) and I want them to be connected to all pendants (because of the inventory). This means that there will be 20+ pendants for sale and only one chain but with different sizes.

How do I set this up in shopify? How can I sell my many different pendants where the customer gets to select the size of chain and the inventory is correctly connected and subtraced with each pendant purchase? This must be possible without an app? 


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